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Travel by car in France are often a convenient thanks to see a number of the lot of out-of-the-way attractions that are not served by public transportation.  Car travel laws in France area unit fairly almost like those within the remainder of Europe and therefore the Americas, with announce speed limits and signage; merely use wisdom whereas driving and you should not run into any hassle. A few laws, however, area unit totally different from different countries. In addition, driving is on the proper facet of the road in France, in contrast to the uk, wherever it's on the left.




Every car operated in France, no matter position, is needed to be insured to work in France. Drivers should keep the insurance documentation within the car in {any respect} times; French cars usually have an insurance sticker within the screen. Visit your insurance underwriter concerning coverage in France; if you're not lined, you will purchase temporary insurance from several border crossings or at the most French Customs offices.


Identification and possession


You must have a legitimate licence from your home country, or a world Driving allow, or IDP, to work a car in France. Additionally, foreign drivers should additionally carry a passport or national ID card (for voters of world organisation countries) as proof of identification. Drivers should even have car possession papers within the vehicle in the least times. French cars can have a menu painter (gray card) that functions as proof of possession.




All passengers in vehicles should wear seat or safety belts whereas the vehicle is in motion, while not exception. If you have got youngsters beneath the age of eleven, they need to ride within the back seat of the car; booster and kid car seats area unit necessary for youngsters younger than ten years. Talking on cell phones whereas driving is illegal; use a head set or leave that to your passengers. Additionally, all vehicles should have a minimum of one reflective safety vest associated one warning triangle to be used in an emergency; these should be unbroken within the car, not within the trunk.


Rules of the Road


Speed limits, unless otherwise announce, area unit thirty one mph in cities, sixty eight mph on roads and eighty one mph on major highways. If you're caught dashing, or with the other violation, you will be penalised on the spot, that means that you just ought to pay at that moment. Driving whereas intoxicated is against the law and may cause hefty fines and jail time. U-turns and crossing solid white lines also are extra-legal.


Border Crossings


Crossing into France from the uk or countries to the east may be a comparatively easy method and generally doesn't even need a border stop. However, if you're crossing from European country or any location in Africa, expect a far lengthier method. Border guards might search your car and question you on the character of your travels, why you're coming back to France and therefore the length of your keep. If you're transaction a car, make certain that you just area unit enabled to cross into France; most countries allow it, however if you're not, you will not have the right insurance documents.


Mary Green is a resident of Eschau,Alsace. She is a patron of the arts and very much enjoys classical music, as well as the Impressionist art period. She also likes to travel and has dedicated time to learning about change address on car registration (changement d adressesur carte grise), gray card address change online (changementadresse carte grise en ligne), change address logbook (changementadresse carte grise) at


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